Saturday, April 5, 2008


This week we have been watching a purple finch pair try to build a nest on our front-porch lamp. Actually, the female has been doing all the work and the male has been tweeting directions from a nearby tree. She has spent hours flying back and forth getting twigs and fluff and bringing them to the lamp. The only problem is that not a single twig has stayed there. Every single one has fallen onto the mailbox below or onto the porch.

Every one.

But she still keeps bringing more.

There's a reason they call it bird-brained.



Lisa said...

We have robins that are building a nest underneath our deck, on top of one of the posts. You can look down in between our deckboards and you're looking at the top of the nest. No eggs in it yet, but it sounds like they have had better luck at building than the finches!

Suzanne said...

What? No pictures?!
Molly doesn't let our birds alone long enough to build a nest. This must be her favorite time of year, mud and new birds. Life is good.