Thursday, June 19, 2008


For all you Calvin & Hobbes fans out there, here is a fun way to blow some time. You can type in a word or phrase and see all the relevant comic strips.

If you enter "Calvinball" or "new rule" you'll get a glimpse of our day yesterday when we found out that Jeff's Chemistry teacher for the year decided after the school year was over to change her grading system.

Jeff's course agreement and the syllabus both said that his final grade would be weighted: 50%/Tests, 35%/Lab Reports, 15%/Homework. But when I checked on his final grade, I saw that the homework wasn't figured in at all. I e-mailed his teacher to ask about that and she said she had decided to make a change because some kids were getting 100% on their homework and failing their tests. Her new grading system was 65%/Tests, 35% Lab Reports. I e-mailed her and stated very politely (really!) that we never received notification of that change and expressed the opinion that if the student was required to abide by the agreement and meet all the requirements/deadlines for the course, then the teacher should also abide by the agreement.

Her only response was to send me his "revised" grade. Hello! We homeschool. I could have done that myself. I was trying to discuss the principle of the thing.

Oh well.

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Jodene said...

Thankyou for the kind comments on my blog :)
To answer your question, the particular cards in that post were watercoloured. But lately most of my cards are coloured with regular faber castel pencils and blending using Gamsol (odourless mineral spirits). I just love the soft look that I can achieve with this technique.