Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And it's only Tuesday

I was up late last night, unable to sleep because of some difficult inter-personal stuff (not my husband or son, thankfully) going on in my life. Ever feel totally misunderstood? I went downstairs and turned on the tv to watch a little Seinfeld. At that moment Elaine walked in Jerry's apartment and said, "I will never understand people!" to which Jerry replied, "They're the worst!" I just had to laugh because it was exactly how I was feeling.

Today, our adorable little puppy, Brenna, found a red pen in my son's room, chewed it, broke it and spread red ink all over the floor. So in between unpleasant phone calls, I was trying to get all that red ink cleaned up. Good times.

To work out my frustration I played some lovely Chopin pieces. It's always my first choice when I'm having a bad day.

As difficult as this day has been, God, as always, redeems my mistakes and shortcomings and works things out for His glory.



HsKubes said...

Sorry to hear you had a "challenging" day. But praise the Lord that He is faithful. ;o)
Ally, too, loves to play Chopin. He is her favorite and I love to listen!
Praying for you, friend.
I'm only a phone call away if you need to talk. ;o)
~ Christina

Suzanne said...

Those of us who really KNOW you love you for who you are! So don't bother trying to understand the others, just continue doing what you have been gifted to do.
Would have loved to see Brenna made up in "red".