Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jury Duty Day 2

I took a bus by myself for the first time in my life today! Taking the bus both ways is half the price of parking plus I don't use all that gas, and someone else gets to deal with the traffic. I used the "Park N Ride" lot near me. There was a really nice guy where I got on and he told me when we got to my stop. It was where I thought but it was still nice of him. What was kind of strange, though, was that this woman got on and the bus was half empty -- there were empty double seats all over the place -- and she sat right smack next to me. If it had been a man I would have been very freaked out but I was just a little weirded out.

The weather here was horrible today. There were 288 school closings this morning! And I got to walk three blocks downtown in it. But at least I didn't have to drive.

I got there early this morning so I was able to nab one of the small tables. My friend from choir came and joined me and then my new friend Roberta joined us. We had just gotten settled when my name was called for a jury. There were 22 of us from which they would choose 14 (jury of 12 plus 2 alternates). They lined us up by number. Numbers 1 - 14 went into the jury box and numbers 15-22 went in the first row of spectator seats in the back. I was #15. We went into the courtroom and the judge talked for a very long time about being a juror, evidence rules, etc.

We had some interesting people in that room. The woman next to me was older and she pulled out a little 3 Musketeers snack-size bar and ate it in the courtroom. Apparently that wasn't enough though because then she started licking the wrapper to get all the little bits of chocolate off. The woman next to her almost got herself held in contempt of court for mouthing off to the judge. The guy two down from her kept falling asleep and the judge kept saying, "Are we boring you, Mr. ____?"

The judge asked each of us some basic background questions and we were dismissed for lunch. I got salad at the cafeteria again today and then went to see my friends. They were still waiting in the jury pool room. My jury group went back upstairs and the prosecuting and defense attorneys asked each of us some more questions. After that, we went back to our deliberating/holding room and next they called us back into the courtroom to announce the jury. They chose the wrapper-licking lady and let me go. There was one woman in the jury box who, when they said her name, actually put her hand on her chest and blinked her eyes like she'd just won Miss America. I fully expected her to start saying, "I personally believe, that U. S. Americans..." It was too funny.

After that, I was free to go. Tomorrow I'm back in the pool.

Psalm 11:7
For the LORD is righteous, He loves justice; upright men will see His face.


Suzanne said...

If I weren't in the middle of giving an exam I would be howling with laughter. You should write short stories. Seriously!
Can't wait to read your next installment. Love you,Suz

Lisa said...

Sharon, I'm with you on driving downtown - hard on the nerves and wallet. Talk to you soon! Love, lisa